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Support Unit

The Support Unit at Cartwright Public School aims to cater for student's individual, academic and social needs.

Every Student is looked upon as an individual, who has unique needs. We believe that all students should work at their pace to the best of their ability.

It is a priority to provide students with a positive learning environment which recognises progress.

The staff at Cartwright Public School work together to promote a culture of acceptance amongst all students.

Our Support Unit consists of six classes and is overseen by Assistant Principal Ashwyn Karan. 


  • Aqua - Mrs Clark (M-W) & Miss Shelton (TH&F), SLSO Miss Outram
  • Lime - Mrs Karan, SLSO Miss G Borg & Mrs M Borg
  • Violet - Mrs Khan, SLSO Mrs Cleary
  • Ruby - Mrs Badolato, SLSO Miss Morecroft
  • Opal - Mrs Prasad, SLSO Mrs Lal
  • Topaz - Mrs Kumar, SLSO Mrs Edge                 


At Cartwright PS, we aim to cater for students’ individual needs as we support and encourage them to excel and develop life qualities such as curiosity, leadership, motivation, creativity, enthusiasm and a sense of wonder about learning. We take pride in offering a safe, caring, positive and supportive environment where students, teachers and parents work together with open and approachable communication.

Specialist teachers in the areas of Special Education, English as a Second Language, and Learning Support, offer additional support for our students with special needs. Out agencies engaged with NDIS are also welcome to provide Speech and Language Therapy to the students with special needs. (Please see Mrs Karan if you would like your child to have therapy at school)

Our integration programs offer students within the Support Unit opportunities to participate in a wide range of learning, social and extra-curricular experiences which challenge and support the development of the whole child and wider school community.